Camera tuition

I believe it is a huge waste to have a SLR /DSLR camera and not use it to its potential. A camera cannot guess what effect you want to achieve, with the knowledge and understanding, you can have this control.

I offer a training to those who want to learn how to use their camera, to have control and to acheive the image they imagine.

The training is aimed at beginner photographers or keen amateur who are still using the auto mode of their camera. Therefore if you wish to improve your photographic skills and have a better understanding of your camera, this training is for you.

All you need is a camera with the following modes: manual (M), aperture priority (A) and shutter speed priority (S or Tv).

With my guidance and years of camera knowledge, I will show you what can be achieved and how. You will be switching from the Automatic mode to the enjoyable and creative manual modes where you have control.

The training will involve learning camera settings including aperature and shutter speeds, learning the important relationship between the two.
It will not be all theory, there are fun bits as we use the the camera, focusing on the elements you have learnt. A feedback session finishes off the session, where images are shared with easy and quick tips on enhancing images can be shared.

I will be certain once you grasp the understanding what can be achieved when you take control, you will never switch back to the convenient Automatic.