Afternoon at the animal shelter

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As part of getting some knowledge and experience, I have offered to put my photographic skills along with the knowledge learnt whilst working in a pet shop to use. So equipped with my camera, treats and various squeaky toys I headed out to my local animal shelter. On being shown around, my first furry models were 2 guinea pigs, both boys were very skitty however I managed to get some great photos of one in his tunnel and the other peering out of his hay. Such little cuties. Leaving the highly excited squeaking guinea pig room, I moved onto the rabbits who had been with the charity a while and whose profile photos included being held under someones arms. As anyone who has ever owned rabbits know, these guys aren't the most confident and can be easily scared. So for a good hour I spent most my time on my belly slowly moving round, Patience is the big need here. With lots of carrots and building of trust, I managed to capture some lovely photos of the bunnies who I hope will help find them a forever home.
So onwards onto the cattery, my subject was Sammy, a black cat with extra toes (polydactyl), this cat didn't want to show off his toes so this will be my challenge next time visiting. His partner in crime Lola was very placid and stayed most of the time in her bed box, however this didn't stop me from capturing the beauty with he striking eyes. Very pretty cat.
All in all, the couple of hours I was there, was a quick, patience building time. Before my next visit, I will be investing in some teasers and more treats. Next time it'll be with the dogs! so keep you eye out for the next instalment...